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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a night out on the town takes a life changing turn. tonight, from his hospital bed, an exclusive interview with a shooting victim and his brush with death. >> after he shot me a couple times, he decided that wasn't enough, so he tried to shoot her too. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it was a chance encounter that left a man and his girlfriend injured. police tell us this is the only shooting in campbell so far this year. azimuth smith is in campbell to
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tell us about his brush with death. >> reporter: the san jose graduate tells me he was trying to build a life. he was pursuing job opportunities with his business. >> i feel lucky. i was laying there about to die. >> reporter: it really is a miracle he is alive. back on august 3, he and his girlfriend were headed out, when around 12:30, a robber grabbed her. >> he said give me all your money. i'm like what? and then, i stand up, and he's like, boom, boom. >> reporter: those booms, gunshots. he thought he was the only one hit, but he was wrong. >> after he shot me a couple of times, he decided that wasn't enough, so he tried to shoot her too. >> reporter: while his girlfriend was injured, penn got it worse. two bullets pierced his knee, one bullet narrowly missed his
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heart. >> fortunately, the bullet went diaphragm, ribs, spine. >> reporter: he knows his road to recovery will be long. says he will likely have to walk with a cane, yet he is comforted from the support. the diving instructor receiving cards from his young students. >> it's amazing that people value who you are, as much as they do. >> reporter: while he is grateful he survived, he can't help but ask that one question he wants the answer to. why? >> who does that? what was he going to get? like $50 in cash or something. i just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. >> reporter: campbell police tell me this is a high priority case, and they are following up on several leads. so far, no arrests. here's a sketch of the suspect, described as a latino man in
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his 20s, or 30s. police say it appears this man also robbed another girl at the 2nd street garage that night. the girl was treated, and released, and she is staying at home. as for penn, he does not know when he will be released from the hospital. azimuth smith, ktvu, channel 2 news. the fremont school district is deciding the fate of a controversial sex ed book that many parents say is inappropriate for 9th graders. many are upset that the textbook called your health today contains references to masturbation, sex toys, and bohn damage. last year, the school board recommended they shelf the book. >> it's brought to your attention, not just the sex ed part, but the entire book is not age appropriate. >> the school board meeting is
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still underway tonight. we do have a crew at the scene and we'll have the outcome of the vote when it happens. oakland city council officially ousted the long time garbage collector. it awards the deal to a largely unproven company. >> reporter: some councilmembers describe this as a historic vote, in what has been described as the largest contract of its kind ever approved by the oakland city council. california waste solutions. now it picks up only a portion of oakland's recycling waste. in a year, they will have it all. it drew cheers from employees in the gallery. >> we do a great job for the city. now we'll go to work.
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>> reporter: under a 10 year, $1 billion contract it snatched from houston based waste management, which has serviced oakland. >> we have worked in this community for 22 years. waste always believed it had the advantage. >> reporter: that local advantage was he caneed by the -- echoed by community members. >> you have the opportunity for a local company, and a minority company to make history. >> reporter: and they put in a lower bid than waste management. >> it may not be the lowest price, but it will be the best value, with the least amount of risk, and something the city of oakland should really consider. >> waste management argued that choosing it came with uncertainty, with a tight deadline to begin service, july 1 of next year. >> they've never done the billing we've done through the
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city. they have never done garbage pickup, only recycling. >> i respect my council's vote on that. but at the same time, i will challenge you, in that effort to make sure it gets done, and you don't miss a beat on my block picking up my trash. >> reporter: under both proposals, monthly service rates for customers would go up. california waste solution says that customer service will improve once it takes over garbage service. waste management said in a statement it was disappointed with the council's decision, and pointed out that the council voted against city staff recommendations. waste management says it will consider its options going forward in oakland. ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now on that contract. it will increase garbage rates in oakland. california waste solutions says customers will pay $82.60 on their monthly bill. a jury in contra costa county says it is split on many
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charges in a molestation case. he faces 100 charges. his accusers are 14 male students. they had reached decisions involving just 3 of the 14 and are split on the other 11. they have been deliberating now for four days. the judge told them to keep trying. the district attorney could retry the case if the jury is hung on some of the charges. the family of the teenage girl who was runnel over by first responders at sfo following the asiana airlines crash has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of san francisco. the national transportation safety board concluded the teen died after being run over by emergency vehicles. the suit alleges that rescuers were poorly trained and reckless. the family is seeking unspecified damages. the bay area woman known as
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a serial stowaway has been ordered to spend 6 months behind bars. marilyn hartman pleaded no contest after being charged with sneaking onto a flight from san jose, to los angeles. a judge released her, but also told her to stay away from the airport if she didn't have a ticket. the next day, she was back at l.a.x. today, the judge sentenced her to six months in jail for violating her probation. the tsa and southwest airlines are still investigating how she managed to bypass security. the city of san jose is waiting for that investigation to conclude. today, a city council committee scheduled a hearing about airport security. you will recall earlier this year, a teenager hopped a fence at the airport, and climbed aboard the wheel well of a passenger jet and flew all the way to hawaii. the city council wants airport staff, tsa, and others to explain what's being done.
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she will provide details, and also will discuss the roles that airport employees play. >> [ inaudible ] every single person has a different role. >> the airport security hearing is set for next month on september 25 in san jose. a compromise in sacramento means california voters should see a new, and less costly water bond on the state ballot this november. governor brown and legislative leaders reached a consensus after many hours of negotiation. the new water bond would replace an $11 billion measure already approved for the ballot. about a third of the money would go toward creating new water storage that growers have wanted. the sierra club says the water bond benefits special interest, and is too expensive. a man riding an ac transit
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bus in berkely walked down the aisle, and said watch this, before he randomly stabbed a 21- year-old woman. that's according to police there. 24-year-old eric palmer is charged with attempted murder. another passenger tried to stop the stabbing by hitting the attacker with a skateboard. police arrested palmer as he got off the bus. the woman suffered serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. in san francisco, the family of a man found beaten on the street took him off life support late this afternoon. how this case has turned into a homicide investigation, and also the message from the victim's sister. >> reporter: they came from around the city, and around the bay area. about 200 strangers and friends of bryan higgins joined hands this afternoon in san francisco's debose park to say
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goodbye. higgins was found brutally beaten early sunday morning, and was initially taken to san francisco general hospital as a john doe. the 31-year-old san francisco man was removed from life support machines and died during this afternoon's vigil. >> we just want him to be remembered for the type of person he was. he was very loving, very caring. he was an all around good human being. >> higgins had a husband and worked at this delicatessen and the city's castro district. the crime has stunned the city and his family, who rushed to the area from michigan. described as a white male in his 20s, to 30s, wearing a gray sweatshirt. >> how could you be so cruel? how could you do that to somebody who never hurt anybody? >> reporter: san francisco general hospital confirmed higgins was removed from life support, and died at 3:33 this morning. that shifted it from attempted murder to a homicide case. they said they do not have a
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motive, and do not know if this was a hate crime. ktvu, channel 2 news. san jose's ciscoe systems is planning another big round of layoffs. this afternoon, ciscoe announced it is cutting up to 6,000 jobs, or 8% of its workforce. the maker of computer network hardware cited a slow down in global sales as the reason. less than a year ago, they announced plans to cut 4,000 jobs. while revenues and net income are down, the ceo says he sees a brighter future, as he moves ciscoe into high performance cloud computing systems. the dow rose 91 points putting it in positive territory for the year. biofuel helped fuel the gains. the dozens of vehicles being recovered, and what police say it may actually help them solve other crimes. >> plus we're in the middle of
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a warm up. what it will mean for temperatures for you tomorrow. >> shot in the head while is sleeping on the beach. the investigation into a 10- year-old mystery. ♪ you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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a tribute to robin williams on broadway. that's the cast of "aladdin" leading the crowd in the song," friend like me." williams performed it in the
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disney movie. he was the genie, and he used many different voices and accents. on broadway, theaters and performers observed a moment of darkness in honor of williams. watch as the marquises go dark, one by one. the lights stayed off for one minute. a touching tribute to williams who performed at many broadway theaters during his long career. here in the bay area, more and more tributes to robin williams are being left at the mrs. doubtfire house in san francisco. >> ktvu has had crews at the house, and they report no letup in visitors. the constant stream in fans all wanting to share in their grief and their memories of robin williams. >> reporter: that is exactly right. we have seen this memorial grow continuously here in the past day, and right now, you can see quite a few candles lit. we've seen a lot of fans out here, shedding tears, or fighting back tears. many here just wanting to pay
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tribute in a small way. more flowers, more messages, more movie quotes that robin williams made famous. one sign says rest in peace, oh, captain, my captain. a nod to the film "dead poet society." another reads, i pray you found peace. melissa johnson from australia always planned to visit this home, where scenes from the movie "mrs. doubtfire" were shot. >> bicentennial man, all of those movies. "aladdin." just a lot of happiness into our lives. >> reporter: so many made the pilgrimage to this famous house to pay tribute. many had stories of meeting the comedian on the streets of san francisco. >> he took a picture with us, gave us a hug.
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was absolutely so friendly. his hug was tight. i pulled away first from the hug, and he didn't. i guess goes to show who he is. >> reporter: comedian, and activist wavy gravy, a long time friend of williams said no one embraced the world with more fun. >> i think that he took the mantle of jonathan winters, and obtained the ability to make truth at the northern lights. in other words, his mind was spontaneous, and amazing. >> reporter: williams was a dedicated supporter of many charities, including berkely based sava, where he worked alongside wavy and others combating blindness around the world. >> he would show up unexpectedly and save a dinners, and unexpectedly do
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something warm, loving. >> reporter: a tribute continues still at this late hour. still about a dozen people out here, taking a moment to remember. live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. the marin county sheriff's department says it had no choice but to release all the specific details about how robin williams committed suicide. there was some criticism on social media after boyd described exactly how it happened. he said the california public records act requires the information to be released. boyd also says the department will likely have to release the 911 call as well. robin williams daughter says she's shutting down her social media profiles after being attacked online. 25-year-old zelda williams tweeted, i'm sorry i should have risen above. deleting this from my devices for a good long time. maybe forever. time will tell. goodbye. earlier, zelda williams had posted poems and notes on
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instagram and twitter talking about her father's death. but anonymous posters sent her fake messages, and even fake autopsy pictures. new information on a double homicide case that has puzzled investigators for the past decade. a young couple killed on a picturesque beach in the north bay. they were shot in their sleeping bags for no apparent reason and no one has ever been arrested. as ktvu's mike mibach reports, the parents of one victim have returned to the bay area, and are bringing new attention to the cold case on the 10th anniversary of their death. >> reporter: it's a magical spot along the sonoma county coast. >> i know it's the place where they went home to heaven. >> reporter: a place that grabbed the eyes of a young woman. >> people were the most important thing to her. >> reporter: and a young man. >> jason was a great guy. he was fun loving.
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>> reporter: jason allen, and lindsey kutchel. once engaged to be married. >> we felt like god brought them together. >> reporter: it was ten years ago this week the couple was found dead, just north of jener. detectives say their bodies were on the beach, inside sleeping bags. both suffering gunshot wounds to the head. to this day, the killer, or killers have not been found. >> it's really hard to generalize, and say it's one type of person. >> reporter: today, sonoma county detective met with lindsey's parents. the two flew in from their hometown in ohio to mark the anniversary. >> it means so much that they're still loving our kids. >> we receive on average, one to two tips every week. >> reporter: but no arrests. they never return today their summer jobs as counselors at a christian youth camp. shot by an uncommon rifle.
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a marlin .45. their bodies were found at fish head beach, their car nearby. their possessions not disturbed. tonight, a message from a mom to a killer. >> you will some day pay a price. whether here on earth, or when you die. or maybe both. >> reporter: jason and lindsay wrote in a journal dated just hours before their death. they spoke of their surroundings as the beauty of god's creation. it's their final written words in the last place that was home. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. temperatures today on the mild side, it will be slightly warmer tomorrow. here's a low pressure center that's been plaguing us for the last four or five days. it's leaving. when i say plaguing us, it brought in the clouds, that chance of thunder showers, and kept temperatures on the cool side. it's blowing out of here to the north and east. as it does, fog kind of comes back to the coast. a lot of it on the coast now, it's not pushing farther inland yet.
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it will make it into some of these nooks and crannies, toward richmond, and san rafael. not expecting the fog to push well inland, because the inverse, as the high pressure moves back in, it caps that fog. so the forecast for tomorrow will see temperatures like today, but about 4 degrees warmer. those are the current temperatures, i showed you there. the winds out there kind of light. 17miles per hour at fairfield. san francisco airport, 23 on the gust, which is not atypical for this time. light winds in livermore, 6 miles an hour. overnight lows in the upper 50s. fog around the coast, fog around the bay for your thursday. it's back to school time for many. actually, i got the wrong graphic. this is a farewell to candlestick graphic. this is paul mccartney. when i come back at 10:45, i've got back to school graphic forecast for you. we'll talk about the five-day forecast with those changes
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coming toward the weekend. see you back here. bill thanks. dozens of stolen cars recovered just this week. tonight at 10:30, the technology finding stolen cars in bunches and why officers say this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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a lot of disappointed aerosmith fans in the bay area tonight. that's because the band canceled it's concert at the last minute. they had to cancel the show because of an illness. tmz is reporting that the band's drummer has heart problems and needs to have surgery. ticket refunds are expected. as you know, the beatles played at the stick in 1966,
10:26 pm
and it was their final concert on their final tour. ktvu's rob roth got a preview of tomorrow night's show, and show us some of the memorable moments that are planned. >> reporter: workers are busy constructing the stage on what used to be the 10-yard line. but it will be paul mccartney bringing down the final curtain on candlestick park, and the stick willing going out with a bang. >> hopefully, everyone will be really engaged. i think it's amazing. >> reporter: greg says the three hour somehow is one of the largest he's produced. >> the stage is enormous, and there's a lot of specials that are going on. a lot of special video, and we're trying to make the event you know, really memorable. >> reporter: mccartney made his first appearance at the stick 48 years ago this month, in what was to be the beatles
10:27 pm
first live concert. the promoter says it was rare for mccartney to return after playing a year ago. >> he doesn't usually play, you know one year after another. >> reporter: the concert is a sellout, but tickets are available on secondary sights, such as stubhub. we found seats for $99, that have no view of the stage, and we found field seats for $11,000.200. >> this isn't just another concert. this is the final event at candlestick park. >> reporter: the gates open at 5 and the show is expected to begin at 8:00. candlestick park faces demolition. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. police tell us they're preparing for the same level of security tomorrow night as they would for a typical 49ers game. in the parking lot, they'll be
10:28 pm
watching out for car burglaries, ticket scalpers and open containers. virgin airlines is the last airline in the u.s. without representation. 58% voted to join the transunion of america. virgin airlines said it respected the decision, and would continue to serve the best interest of its employees. she's 15 years old, and will be the youngest tennis player in the upcoming u.s. open. tonight at 10:45, a bay area girl with some big aspirations, and the secret to her training that's gotten her this far. lost and found. how the chp in oakland is recovering stolen vehicles without the officer's really trying. >> but up first, tensions escalate again in ferguson, missouri. what sparked the tear gas and rubber bullets that were fired tonight.
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it may look and sound like a war zone, but that's the scene in ferguson, missouri, just a few hours ago. people were once again protesting the shooting deaths of michael brown. when riot police moved in with tear gas and rubber bullets.
10:32 pm
police announced they no longer consider the demonstration peaceful. here in the bay area, an all too common problem that the chp's oakland office is trying to chip away at. stolen cars. in the first three days of this week, they have found an average of 10 stolen cars a day. noel walker is live with how they managed to recover so many. >> reporter: the chp says east oakland, and north richmond are hotbeds for stolen vehicles. they have two officers dedicated to finding stolen cars. last year they found more than 1500 of them. we rode along with them to find out how. we're all in a hurry, and rely on our cars to get where we need to go, quickly. but nothing can get your heart beating faster than realizing that you can't get from point
10:33 pm
a, to point b because your car has been stolen. >> it's a traumatic experience. >> reporter: we took a ride with the chp to see how they recover stolen vehicles. >> well, the oakland office recognizes that vehicle theft is a big issue. >> reporter: last year, 471,000 cars were stolen in california. that's $1 billion in losses. the honda accord is the most frequently stolen car. the chp is using technology. >> every time you hear that ding, it's reading another plate. >> reporter: to catch a thief. >> you can see just how many places right now. >> reporter: cameras mounted on patrol cars scan license plate. >> it's going to scan every plate we see. we read 248 plates. >> reporter: and that was in just ten minutes. thieves recently stole a car in front of this montclair neighborhood.
10:34 pm
>> stolen right here, workmen were working on the house and left the car overnight. this happens very frequently. >> reporter: the oakland chp office recovered 29 stolen cars so far this week. this can help solve other crimes. >> a lot of times, the occupant has a warrant, maybe there's drugs, maybe there's guns in the car. >> reporter: the technology doesn't just track stolen cars. >> high. >> you heard it just say high? that's a high alert. stolen vehicles are associated with lots of other crimes. >> reporter: the quicker a stolen car is recovered, the quicker a criminal is off the streets and every day life gets back to its normal pace. there has been some concern over the use of those license plate readers privacy concerns. the chp says that he read only
10:35 pm
the license plates. they don't record people, and that those pictures are purged every few months. noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. the second segment of california's high speed rail system has now been approved. the fresno bee is reporting that they signed off yesterday on the construction of the 114- mile line between fresno and bakersfield. the first section got the okay last year. full funding for the $68 billion project is still up in the air, but earlier this month, a judge ruled that california can sell $8 billion in bonds, approved by voters in 2008. a short, and scenic boat ride is making waves in the north bay. one family has operated the ferry from tiburon to north island since the very beginning. as john sasaki found out, the small company could now be in jeopardy. >> there you go.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: maggie mcdonough has hr and ferry operations in her blood. >> my girlfriend ran it before it was a state park. my dad ran it before it was a state park. >> reporter: a short two mile round trip. >> as far as i know, we're the last family owned and operated ferry service. we try to keep our prices very low. >> reporter: while the blue and gold takes people there from san francisco, the angel island ferry is the only easy way to get there from marin. >> it just seems so much more personal. friendly. >> i feel more safer because they're look working within the family, they're going to be making the boat safer for their family. >> reporter: now the state parks service could put the ride out to bid, hoping for a cheaper deal, or perhaps consolidating the two.
10:37 pm
a member of tiburon's chamber of commercial says he would prefer to see the route remain with the smaller company. >> the fact that this family has provided the route all this time, proves we should probably stay. >> reporter: it could happen as early as november. angel island ferry officials just hope they will see their locally based ferry provides the community. john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. a local ace headed to the u.s. open. >> i've been wanting to play since i was 7 years old. it's crazy. i'm still like so excited to play. >> reporter: which the next big thing in tennis could be this bay area teenager. >> i detail the gradual warm up continuing tomorrow. when and where temperatures could close in on the near 90- degree mark. >> a senior citizen killed while getting his morning coffee. the reward for finding the driver who knocked him 50 feet and then drove away. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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we have a decision from fremont tonight on the controversial sex ed textbook. the school board just voted to delay using that textbook for one year, while it looks at other options. parents complained it was too explicit. they complained references to sex toys and bondage was more in line for college students, not for high school freshman. longer hours than it expected. when the changes went into effect in april, the goal was to change parking habits, not make more money. the use of the garages has increased about 20% from last year. the parking fees in the city garages are less than street parking. in san francisco, 2
10:42 pm
investigates has yon covered major problems with parking tickets going into the wrong hands. drivers from all around the state say they received notices. some people had never even visited san francisco, and they say when they tried to contact the city or the collections agency, getting the error corrected was next to impossible. >> when do you finally reach someone they're like, no, i'm sorry, you owe the money, period. no matter how much i said i don't own the car, or i didn't own the car, they said you have to send us some sort of proof that you didn't own the car. >> why the city says those collection notices aren't exactly what they seem. israel and hamas have reportedly agreed to a cease- fire extension in gaza. egyptian mediators say the three day cease-fire is being extended to five days. so far, israel has not commented officially on the
10:43 pm
truce. as for the israeli strikes, the military says it was targeting terror strikes. the pentagon says a rescue mission of iraqi civilians stranded on a mountain top is now less likely. american military personnel spent 24 hours there, and found several thousand refugees, but that's far fewer than the 40,000 reported last week. those who remain are reportedly in relatively good condition, thanks to all the humanitarian air drops. while the u.s. carried out air strikesk many people made it off the mountain to a camp set up by the united nations, but where they go from there isn't clear. apple announced today it is banning the use of two chemicals linked to health hazards. they! the use of benzene. a 4 month investigation found
10:44 pm
no evidence they were harming the workers, but decided to ban them anyway. benzene has been linked to leukemia. this bay area teenager is just 15 years old, and is practicing for the u.s. open. she'll be the youngest player there, and cc bellis will tell us the secrets to her success. >> in five minutes, chief meteorologist bill martin's bay area forecast. >> up first, a cleanup effort underway on the peninsula. the latest harbor to see a fish die off. evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception...
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she is home schooled, and trained on a backyard tennis court. she could be the next great u.s. champ. >> she is only 15 years old,
10:47 pm
and has just earned a spot at the u.s. open. patty lee, with how she's gotten so good, so fast. >> reporter: cc bellis is known for her blistering forehand. but she says overpowering opponents is not her strategy for winning. >> i feel like hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard. >> reporter: she became the youngest player to win the girl's 18 and under championship in more than 20 years. the title secured her a shot at the u.s. open. >> i'm still kind of in shock that i'm going this year. i've been wanting to play the u.s. open since i was 7 years old. it's crazy, i'm so excited to play. >> i never thought, gosh, could cc be a pro? she just said no, i want to play tennis be and hays all i want to do. she wanted to be home schooled for it. so we said okay.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: bellis trained mainly at home with hand picked partners, like anthony who plays on stanford's varsity team. >> it's amazing how far she's come. i'm proud of her and am expecting big things from her. >> reporter: i was trying to see if they could get a racket on the teen's serve. nope. it must be the shoes. she says she may be touted as the next big thing, but she doesn't feel any pressure. >> it's wind of one of the best things that could possibly happen to me. when it comes to salt in our diets, as in many things, moderation may be the key. a study of 100,000 people found the lowest risk of death, heart disease, and stroke in people who consumed moderate amounts of salt. people who ate more or less
10:49 pm
salt were at increased risk. the report is in the new england journal of medicine. there is something rotten in foster city. dead anchovies have been fouling the water there. public crews have been cleaning up the mess for several days. it doesn't appear to be as bad as the anchovy mess in santa cruz we told you about two weeks ago. that has forced them to close some boat ramps while it disposed of the fish. temperatures today about where they were yesterday. temperatures tomorrow, as i mentioned earlier, will warm a few degrees. back into the mid- to upper 80s. tomorrow, we'll see more of these, upper 80s. lots of 87's, 88s in the inland valleys. it's been lingering, but since it's leaving, high pressure is
10:50 pm
building back in. setting up right along the coast. it won't have a strong inland push as it has the last few nights. that's just because that low leaves and high pressure builds in. it squishes things down and you get a warmer atmosphere. also this cool, moist air can't get up over the coastal hills. tomorrow, a nice mild to warm forecast. mild around the bay, 70s, and low 80s. there goes that low pressure center. this high will build in further as we go towards the weekend, so a little bit more warm but no heat wave here. forecast tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., there's the fog push. maybe a little aggressive toward santa rosa. but more fog right around the bay tomorrow. burns back quickly. watch what you find here. the 90s come back in. yesterday, this map didn't show those. we're seeing the heat start to return in our direction. still a pretty mild, to warm
10:51 pm
temperature foot print. you start seeing these oranges up into oakland to fremont you start getting into the warm stuff. kids start going back to school tomorrow at calistoga. 86degrees for a daytime high. kids will be going back to school a little bit each week. we'll try to give you an update on who's going back to scoot and what the forecast will be. 89 in brentwood tomorrow. 86 in livermore tomorrow. here's your tomorrow, thursday. friday, as you'll see in the five-day forecast, slightly warmer, but no heat wave. i really mentioned this on monday. this pattern is repetitive. you notice the temperature changes are subtle to say the least. so that's the five-day forecast. the bay area weekend in view, kind of mild. firefighters like it. not too much heat. >> kind of holding steady it looks like. thank you bill. mark is here now with sports. last night, it was the a's winning, giants losing.
10:52 pm
tonight, just the opposite. >> they always say no crying in baseball and no rationing of runs or hits or either. if they could,s that exactly what the a's would have done. quite the opposite of this third of the four game series in kansas city. scott kazmir made a little too good for omar infante. he deposits it. a two run homer. kazmir drops to 13-5. 3-0 your final. jason vargas, just stingy. a three hit shutout against the a's. he retired the last 23. the angels, by the way, winners. cutting the a's lead to 2.5. if you're paying attention at all to the giants, even if you're not a real big fan of theirs, you've got to admit, this is a team that hasn't had any breaks at all lately. at least for the day, all of that changes for the white sox
10:53 pm
this afternoon. example, down in the 7th. runners and first and third. a little tapper, blancor out at the plate. but bruce bochy wants a replay. after further review, ruled safe, the run scores. robin ventura then challenges billy martin. that's great to see again. 1-1 game. now angel pagan, a little soft serve into left field. base hit, they'll take it. two run score. 3-1. didn't hit it hard, but you know what? either did pablo here. the inning continues. fly ball. you've got it. i'll take it. ouch. garcia with the big oops. jake peavy pitched very well for the giants. his first victory in a san francisco uniform. bruce bochy talks about getting a break or two to turn it
10:54 pm
around. >> when your offense is struggling, you need a break somewhere, could be a bad hop, or a blooper. it falls in. anything. sometimes it takes you know, something strange to break up the offense. we got some big two out hits there to put the game away. dodgers lost, giants within 5. kind of like a health report when we come back. fans of tiger won't like it. but followers of the 49ers are going to be pleased. sports part 2, when we come back.
10:55 pm
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i guess it goes without saying. 49ers had their share of injuries, but they get some good news today. ian williams, back to practice. stepping in for another injured starter, glen dorsey at nose tackle. >> i'm not going to lie to you, yeah, there's pressure. this is the nfl. so there's pressure every day. but this is what we do. running around, cutting every day, that's the easy part, but when your pushing up against somebody, 350 pounds, that's totally different. >> tiger woods, bad back. he is out for an indefinite period of time. he won't be in the ryder cup. that's the sporting life for a
10:58 pm
wednesday night. mark, thank you. thank you for choosing ktvu news. >> our next newscast, ktvu morning news at 4:30. >> good night. weaters?
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
it's just until grandma can see them. my neck hole is too small. mine's itchy. i'd rather be itchy than choky. come on, phil. hurry up. okay, here we go. connecting. [ muffled ] come in, florida! over! mom? dad? hello, phillip. [ chuckles ] all: merry christmas eve! merry christmas eve! a little -- little lower, dad. [ deeper voice ] merry christmas eve. [ chuckles ] thank you -- thanks for the sweaters! [ normal voice ] oh, you're welcome. you look beautiful in them, darling. hey, pops, here's the tree. and, uh, there -- there's the, uh -- there's the ornament you sent us. right here. right here. there are the stockings,


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